1935 Goudey "4-in-1" PAGE

Specifications - SIZE: 2 3/8 X 2 7/8" FRONT: Color painting. BACK: Black-and white photograph. DISTRIBUTION: Nationally, one card in 1 cent packages with bubblegum. History - The format of Goudey's third major baseball card set was a departure from anything that had been done before, and it set the stage for many similar test issues from Topps in later years. Each of the '35 Goudeys, known as "4-in-1s" to collectors,features four differant players' pictures on the card front. The pictures are surrounded and separated by a red (occasionally blue) border. All of the players on any given card are members of the same team. The pictures are generally the same ones used on the 1933 and 1934 Goudey sets, in reduced size and set against a plain background. The players last name and team nick-name appear in his one-quarter of the card. Card backs are one-fourth of a large "puzzle" that could be assembled by gathering six or twelve cards of the same "Picture" number. Beside the puzzle photo on the back of the card, each card had a number identifying "Picture__ Card __". There were nine differant back puzzles. Each of the puzzles that featured montages of players on the Tigers, the Senators and the Indians required 12 cards numbered A-L to complete. Each of the puzzles that featured portraits of single players-- Chuck Klein, Frank Frisch, Mickey Cochrane, Joe Cronin, Jimmy Foxx, and Al Simmons--required six cards, A-F to complete. In all, a complet set of '35 Goudeys by back/front combination would contain 114 cards. Most collectors, however, do not collect the set that way (if they collect it at all), preferring to assemble just one of each of the 36 differant card fronts. The cards with blue borders are scarce, but they are not necessary to complete a set. Complete Book of Collectible Baseball Cards 1987

I was looking for a pre-war set to start on and decided on the 1935 Goudey because of its size (36 cards). The puzzle backs make it more challenging than that if you want to get into that aspect. This page is devoted to the 1935 Goudey "Four-in One" and should provide the collector with a valuable reference (he says quite presumptuously).

I completed the set on 2/10/03 when a Babe Ruth arrived from Bob Donaldson as part of a large trade for about 85 T206s. Below is a wantlist of the cards I need to complete the puzzle backs. 

The two digit puzzle backs refer to the rarer version, while the single digits are the more common. The puzzles are...  

  1. or 11. Detroit Tigers ............. Puzzle Complete !!
  2. or 12. Chuck Klein ............... I need only back A
  3. or 13. Frankie Frisch............. I need only back A (Simmons/Cochrane)
  4. or 14. Mickey Cochrane........ Puzzle Complete !!
  5. or 15. Joe Cronin.................. Puzzle Complete !!
  6. or 16. Jimmy Foxx................ I need backs A & B
  7. or 17. Al Simmons................ I need backs C & D
  8. only Cleveland Indians........... I need backs F, I & K
  9. only Washington Senators...... Puzzle Complete !!

My complete wantlists ........



SCD Other Players Have Need
9 1 Berry-Burke-Kress-Vance 4C 7C 12C
18 2 Burns-Hemsley-Grube-Weiland 8C 9C  
21 3 Campbell-Meyers-Goodman-Kampouris 8D 9D
17 4 Cochrane-Gehringer-Bridges-Rogell 1D 2D 16D 17D
6 5 Critz-Bartell-Ott-Mancuso 4A 7A 12A
10 6 Cronin-Reynolds-Bishop-Cissell  15E 6E 11G 13E
3 7 Deshong-Allen-Rolfe-Walker 8E 9E  
4 8 Earnshaw-Dykes-Sewell-Appling 1I 2F 16F 17F
30 9 Fox-Greenberg-Walker-Rowe 9F 8F
22 10 Frisch-Dean-Orsatti-Carleton 1A 2A 16A 17A
27 11 Grimes-Klein-Cuyler-English 1F 3D 14D 15D
13 12 Hayes-Lyons-Haas-Bonura 8B 9B
12 13 Herman-Suhr-Paddin-Blanton 9K 8K
14 14 Hudlin-Myatt-Comorosky-Bottomley 5B 6B 11K 13B
25 15 Johnson-Coleman-Marcum-Cramer 8J 9J  
5 16 Kamm-Hildebrand-Averill-Trosky 1L 2E 16E 17E
7 17 Koenig-Fitzsimmons-Benge-Zachary 8A 9A
35 18 Kuhel-Whitehill-Myer-Stone 8H 9H  
23 19 Leslie-Frey-Stipp-Clark 1G 3E 5E 14E
31 20 Mahaffey-Foxx-Williams-Higgins 1B 2B 16B 17B
32 21 Manush-Lary-Weaver-Hadley 1C 2C 16C 17C
20 22 Martin-O'Farrell-Byrd-MacFayden 4F 7F 12F
15 23 Moore-Hogan-Frankhouse-Brandt 4E 7E 12E
1 24 Piet-Comorosky-Bottomley-Adams 1H 3F 15F 14F
24 25 Ruel-Simmons-Kamm-Cochrane 5A 11J 6A 13A
28 26 Ruffing-Malone-Lazzeri-Dickey 4D 12D  7D
16 27 Ruth-McManus-Brandt-Maranville 1J  3A 14A 15A
26 28 Schuble-Marberry-Goslin-Crowder 5F 6F 11H 13F
8 29 Spohrer-Rhem-Cantwell-Benton 8L 9L
34 30 Terry-Schumacher-Mancuso-Jackson 1K 3B 15B 14B
36 31 Traynor-Lucas-Thevenow-Wright 4B 7B 12B
33 32 Vosmik-Knickerbocker-Harder-Stewart 9I 8I
19 33 Waner-Bush-Hoyt-Waner 1E 3C 5C 14C
29 34 Werber-Ferrell-Ferrell-Ostermueller 8G 9G
11 35 West-Mellilo-Blaeholder-Coffman 5D 6D 11F 13D
2 36 Wilson-Allen-Jonnard-Brickell 5C 6C 11E 13C