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In the Beginning ......

The ODBL is a fantasy baseball league that began in 1986. There are currently eight teams. We use only the American League and a 20 man roster. We have 11 hitters, 7 pitchers and a 2 man reserve list. Transactions are done by e-mail and are effective once a month

Most of us went to high school together in Fremont, Michigan. Since then we've dispersed a little. One to Los Angeles and back. Others to San Diego and Chicago and other west Michigan towns. The league keeps us in contact (at least once a year in person) and is alot of fun. We've had our ups and downs but we're still going.

Opening Day History .... the league was so named in 1986 because of our history of attending opening day at Tiger Stadium. In 1991 or 1992, while waiting in the St. Boniface parking lot for traffic to clear out the following list of memories was assembled. Please contact me if you have anything you can add or correct:

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Click to revisit Tiger Stadium Click for the 2001 Tiger Schedule This Ernie is excellent at finding tickets! This Ernie WILL win someday! This is our 'Social Ernie'. Be careful what you put in the dresser drawer when this Ernie is around The Five Time Winner !!! This Ernie needs to get email.

The Owners

Team Owners
Owner City Entry Date Team Name E-Mail
John Krim Fremont, MI 1986 Kriminals
Duane Mater Encinitas, CA 1987 Legends
Greg Meeusen Grandville, MI 1986 Play Balls XXXX
Andy Paris Fremont, MI 1990 Blues
Chuck Paris Fremont, MI 1986 Patriots
John Tillman Chicago, IL 1986 Profiteers
Jeff Weiden Kentwood, MI 1986 Brookies
John Farwig St. Paul, MN 1986-1995, 2006 Hetites

Former owners and members:

The Champions

Annual Top Three Places and Winner of the Coveted Glenn Hoffman Award
Year First Second Third Glenn Hoffman Award
1986 Krim Weiden C. Paris Farwig
1987 Krim C. Paris Mater Farwig
1988 C. Paris Meeusen Krim Tillman
1989 Krim Weiden C. Paris Farwig
1990 Tillman Weiden Krim/Meeusen Mater
1991 C. Paris Meeusen Mater A. Paris
1992 Meeusen Tillman C. Paris Zuchowski
1993 C. Paris Mater Weiden Zuchowski
1994 Tillman Meeusen Farwig A. Paris
1995 Tillman/Mater xxxxx A. Paris Krim
1996 Meeusen/A. Paris xxxxx Weiden Zahrt
1997 Mater C. Paris A. Paris Meeusen
1998 C. Paris Meeusen/A. Paris xxxxx Mater
1999 C. Paris Meeusen A. Paris Tillman
2000 Mater A. Paris Weiden Tillman
2001 C. Paris D. Mater Weiden Tillman
2002 A. Paris C. Paris Weiden Zahrt
2003 C. Paris A. Paris Weiden Krim
2004 C.Paris Tillman A. Paris/Mater Krim
2005 A. Paris Weiden Meeusen Zahrt
2006 Weiden C. Paris Krim Farwig
2007 Weiden Meeusen C. Paris Farwig
2008 C. Paris A. Paris Weiden Tillman

Standings: 1997

Final Results : 1997
Legends 235 918 160 .282 80 56 3.64 .777 20.5
Cleansers 242 875 171 .288 65 87 3.69 .746 21.0
Blues 201 719 81 .274 87 45 3.87 .767 35.0
Balance Sheets 191 795 112 .264 71 60 4.03 .756 37.0
Kriminals 284 919 80 .287 32 46 5.30 .612 40.0
Team Spam 135 628 163 .267 80 22 4.26 .752 44.0
Profiteers 190 874 88 .288 39 27 5.20 .679 44.0
Play Balls 222 853 72 .282 52 22 4.53 .689 46.5

1998: Offseason News

12/27/97 Kriminals trade Ivan Rodriguez to Cleansers for shortstop Derek Jeter

3/3/98 Mo Vaughn escapes justice in Massachusetts but can't escape the swift justice of the Kriminal Court as he is fined $1 for each of the eight sobriety tests he failed.

3/4/98 Draft Day officialy set as Friday March 27 in E. Lansing in conjunction with the MHSAA Boys Basketball Finals. The Tiger home opener is Tuesday April 7.

The Teams

The Legends

Coming Soon Owner: Duane Mater San Diego, CA

The Patriots

Owner: Chuck Paris Fremont, MI

The Patriots, eight-time champions, are the winningest team in ODBL history including back-to-back championships twice. In 2000, the loss of Ken Griffey, Jr., season-ending injuries to Ivan Rodriguez and poor performances by Juan Gonzalez and the entire starting pitching staff, resulted in a drop to sixth place.

In the early 1990's the team was known as the Patriots, named in honor of the fine patriots who lead the U.S. to a Desert Storm victory. Shortly thereafter, patriotism waned and Bill Clinton took over. The team then became known as the Ethnic Cleansers.... a well meaning, but unfortunate, reference to patriotism Bosnia-style. After one year, the outrage became unbearable and the team name was shortened to the Cleansers.

The Cleansers have always been known for a long line of top-notch closers ... from Tom Henke, Lee Smith and Dan Plesac to today's Mariano Rivera and Derek Lowe. Former Cleansers include big names like George Brett, Bill Buckner, Wally Joyner, Tony Fernandez, Chili Davis, Steve Sax, Kevin Seitzer, Kevin Appier, Teddy Higuera, Jimmy Key, Charlie Hough and Brett Saberhagen as well as some lesser names .....Kirk Dressendorfer (a former number one pick) comes to mind.

The current crop of Cleansers including those named above as well as stalwart performers like Nomar Garciaparra, Jim Thome, Orlando Hernandez and Jamie Moyer are being counted on to come thru in 2001 and lead their way to an unprecednted sixth championship!

On a separate note, it has been a great pleasure to serve as Commissioner, scorekeeper and transaction monitor for the last however many years. I'm looking forward to being able to concentrate fully on my team in 2001 and hand over the reigns to the next great ODBL Commissioner.

Chuck Paris 1/26/01

The Blues

Coming Soon Owner: Andy Paris Fremont, MI

I joined the ODBL in 1990 and took over the ownership duties from Len Winchel. It took a few years to learn the managerial ropes and how to draft and pick up players for the future as well as the present. (Trades are out of the question with this group of owners who don't understand how valuable my players are.)After being presented with the Glenn Hoffman Award tow out of my first four years, it was time to get serious

Today, the Blues hold the current and all-time marks for finishing in the top three the most consecutive years (6). The team is noted for its power and ability to drive in runs. With team members that include seasoned veterans like Ramirez and Delgado, as well as young talented hitters like Grieve, Chavez, Encarnacion, Beltrand and Sweeney; you can see why a top-three finish is forecasted again this year. The pitching staff is aging and will one day have to be rebuilt. Clemens and Finley can not be expected to pitch forever and the once feared bullpen (once known as the HenPen) has been reduced to a questionable John Wetteland. However, there are a couple of bright spots in the rotation named Colon and Pettite. Lack of team speed and only half a bullpen will probably keep them in second or third place and not in first place and a spot on "the bat".

Andy Paris 1/26/01

The Balance Sheets

Coming Soon Owner: Jeff Weiden Kentwood, MI

The Kriminals

Owner: John Krim Fremont, MI

The Kriminals hope to rebound from an uncharacteristic late season collapse in the 2000 campaign. The year began on a very upbeat note as the pitching staff, led by Baldwin, Sele, Jones and Koch dominated the American League the first half of the year. The offense was led by the early season hot hitting from Justice, Williams, C Johnson and Derek Jeters.

The Kriminals held the top spot of the ODBL through July when the wheels began to wobble and eventually fall off as the team dropped from a half point out of first place all the way to 5th place.

With the nucleus of the team still intact, we are looking forward to a great 2001 draft and hoping that the experience of 2000 will led the way to that coveted top spot and possession of "the Bat." Team Motto " Get in done in 2001!!"

John Krim CEO of the Kriminals 1/24/01

Team Spam

Owner: Ric Zahrt Fremont, MI

Team Spam is a team that I took over a few years ago. It has a unique blend of experience and youth, pitching and hitting, in short its a wonder they don't win every year.

I try not to mess with the fine chemistry that my team has too much. Some teams feel they need to constantly tweak their teams rosters to get the most out of them, I feel that is risky, that the frail ballplayers of today need consistency and togetherness. This reasoning is tested at times by trips to the DL and an occasional players selfish departure to the National League. While some managers would be quick to replace them I feel that it is important that they know that the door is always open and that there will be a spot waiting for them. Some might call me a players manager, I don't know , it just seems like the right thing to do.

We are looking forward to spring training and to the draft, with the experience I have gained over the years on some of the other owners unscrupulous ways of working trades and that silly rule of not drafting NL players ,I feel this is the Year of the Spam.

Ric Zahrt 1/21/01

The Profiteers

Coming Soon Owner: John Tillman Chicago, IL

The Play Balls

Coming Soon Owner: Greg Meeusen Grandville, MI

The ??

Owner: Tim Zuchowski Fremont, MI

The Hammerin' Hettites

Coming Soon Owner: John Farwig City: Fremont, MI